Maybach 57

Measuring an impressive 225.5 inches (5.73m) in length, the Maybach 57 is one of the most luxurious cars in the world. Its proportions provide four or five privileged passengers with exceptional room and comfort.
Standing out from the crowd has never been easier. And it starts with the paintwork: The specially selected colors, such as Nayarite Silver or Himalayas Dark Grey, can be combined to give the Maybach a striking, yet elegant, two-tone finish. It goes without saying that only particularly fine and exclusive materials are considered for the interior. Sumptuous leather is complemented by exotic woods, such as Amboyna, while the superbly finished trim elements lend their own unique and timeless appeal to the passenger cabin.

Maybach 57
It is not enough to select the finest materials. Only through exacting craftsmanship can their true potential be unlocked to create a unique, entirely personal ambience to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Production in the Maybach Manufaktur assures a level of quality that sets new standards within the ultra-luxury segment.
You can choose a single color for your Maybach, or combine two for a two-tone scheme. Please contact your Maybach Relationship Manager to discuss applying a custom color to your specification. With a limitless range of paints available, a great many combinations are possible.
Inside the Maybach 57 you’ll discover one of the most beautiful and stylish living rooms to be found on the road today. You may even forget that you’re on the move.

Maybach 57
Instead of the traditional mechanical / hydraulic brake system, the Maybach is equipped with an electrohydraulic system known as Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC™). This system has two central control units – a design feature which has significant advantages with regard to the division of the brake circuits. The key benefit of this system is that it is able to modulate the brake pressure required for each individual wheel with greater precision and deliver it more quickly. This means that this advanced brake system can respond more appropriately to the driving situation to provide the optimum braking effect. Sensotronic Brake Control also enhances the operation of important safety-related dynamic handling systems such as the Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) and ABS/BAS, which for instance sense the onset of skidding and automatically intervene to stabilize the vehicle. And SBC™ also helps to make braking smoother.

The Maybach is equipped with the latest chassis technology which includes independent double wishbone front suspension and independent multilink rear suspension, as well as AIRMATIC Dual Control air suspension. AIRMATIC DC features air springs complemented by an additional spring-rate adjustment system and also includes adaptive damping with integrated level control. As a result, the vehicle occupants are able to enjoy a ride quality of unprecedented smoothness.
Maybach 57

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