Mercedes shows SLS roadster

Mercedes after the SLS coupe has now released the clearest pictures yet of its new SLS AMG Roadster as the new soft-top supercar nears its world debut at September’s Frankfurt motor show.

A light disguise on the 571bhp 6.2-litre V8 SLS Roadster covers just the badges and sections of the front and rear lights.

Of course, the biggest change for the Roadster is the removal of its coupe sibling’s gullwing doors in favour of a folding fabric roof that can be opened and closed in just 11 seconds at speeds of up to 50kph. 
Mercedes says the SLS’s lightweight aluminum spaceframe took into consideration a Roadster version right from the very start of its development. Therefore the side sills were reinforced to improve dynamics and increase rigidity.

The bodyshell of the Roadster weighs just 2kg more than the coupe’s 241kg, the extra weight coming from two structural reinforcements. The cross-member carrying the dashboard has additional supporting struts at the centre tunnel and windscreen frame, and a strut mounting stay has been added between the soft-top and fuel tank.

The SLS Roadster has a top speed electronically limited to 317kph. After its debut at the Frankfurt show on 13 September, the SLS Roadster will reach showrooms later in the autumn.



that's it for now.............Drive safe make sure you wear your seat belts and please do not use high beams.......


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