Renault Fluence saloon revealed in India with first drive

Renault will commence its second innings in India with the launch of its Fluence saloon. Renault India has showcased its Fluence and will officially reveal its prices on May 23, with sales starting from June 2011.
The Fluence which will go head to head with the VW Jetta and Skoda Laura, and will be significantly cheaper and the pricing will be more in line with the Corolla. We expect the prices to start from Rs 12 lakh for the petrol and Rs 14 lakh for the diesel variant.
Under the hood will be a 2-litre petrol motor and a more powerful version of the Logan's 1.5-litre diesel dCi engine. The petrol motor develops 137bhp while the diesel will churn out 105bhp of max power. As per the company claims, the diesel powered Fluence will have an efficiency figure of 21.84kpl. The suspension will be well tuned for comfort and the ride is expected to be outstanding. Equipment levels will be on par with the competition and the fully loaded Fluence will sport gizmos like Keyless Start, Bluetooth Connectivity, dual zone climate control and four airbags to name a few.
Renault has officially confirmed that the Fluence saloon will be competitively priced "below its Western European rivals", according to Stephen Norman, Sr. Vice-President, Renault. The Fluence saloon is targeted at customers who want "great value in a stylish and innovative package and don't need the snob value of a Volkswagen", he added.
The Renault’s new saloon is far removed from the Logan’s square lines. It looks terrific from almost any angle and in India will certainly stand out from the mundane and generic styling of its rivals.
In India, the Fluence will be assembled from CKD kits shipped in from Renault's Turkey plant, but expect a fair bit of local content which will be essential to keep costs down.
Renault has claimed it will have 14 dealerships in 12 major cities by the time its Fluence is launched. The car manufacturer will expand its network by the end of this year, establishing 40 dealerships by December 2011 and further targeting 100 dealerships in 55 cities by the next year.


For a start, Renault has to shake off the styling stigma it acquired with the Logan and show Indians that it can make some really good looking cars. The Fluence looks quite chic and very French, which is a refreshing change from the stoic shapes of the Germans. Also what gives it road presence is its size. The Fluence is bigger in every dimension than its rivals and clearly looks a notch above. The 16-inch alloys with fat 205 section tyres nicely fill up the wheel arches to give the Fluence a strong stance and balance to its generous proportions.

Fluence will come with two engine choices, a 1.5 diesel and a 2-litre petrol but it’s the latter which gets all the bells and whistles.  Renault is offering the petrol with only a six-speed CVT auto transmission, there’s no manual option yet. There’s a huge amount of kit in the petrol to tempt you and this top-end Fluence has generous features like twin-zone air-conditioning, automatic headlamps and rain sensing wipers keyless start-stop, an on-board computer, leather seats, four airbags and anti-whiplash headrests. But while Renault has lavishly equipped the petrol, it has stinted on the diesel in equal measure. Cabin quality is pretty impressive and though the plastics don’t have the richness or texture of a Jetta or Laura, there’s a hardwearing feel to the insides. And again, the interiors have more character than the purely functional design of its German rivals.The Fluence’s 2703mm wheelbase is way longer than other cars in this category and this translates into fantastic legroom inside the cabin, but under-thigh support is not great and the sloping roof results in a rear seat that is lower than we would have liked. Also headroom at the back is restricted.

More impressive than the diesel is the twin-cam, 16-valve petrol engine, which pumps out a respectable 135bhp. It’s responsive, smooth and free-revving, and feels like a Japanese motor as it was jointly developed by Nissan and Renault and launched as recently as 2006. Snick the gear lever into D, prod the throttle pedal and the responsiveness of the petrol motor takes you by surprise. The Fluence scoots off from a standstill with a nice spring in its step and it feels perfectly suited to the cut and thrust of city traffic. The CVT works well in a low speed, stop-and-go environment. 

The Fluence’s 1.5-litre diesel is essentially the same K9K motor that powers the Logan (now Verito) and the Micra but comes with a variable geometry turbo (VGT) which bumps up power to 105bhp. It’s a modest output by class standards but the K9K’s trump card promises to be exceptional fuel economy, if the official industry figure of 21.8kpl is to be believed. The six-speed ’box with its carefully chosen ratios makes good use of the 24.5 kgm of torque. There’s a distinct turbo-whistle and an audible rasp at around 3000rpm which makes you acutely aware that this is a diesel. But the biggest weakness of the diesel Fluence is a lack of low-end grunt.

Renault Fluence offers a magical blend of ride and handling. Firstly, the steering is the best example of an electrically powered system as it offers all the feel of a hydraulic unit. The best bit is that it feels delightfully light at low speeds and weights up in a fantastically linear way as speed builds. But though the steering gives you an amazing sense of control, the Fluence isn’t exactly sporty, easing into corners rather than darting through them. The suspension has been tuned for ride comfort which is easily the best in class. Unlike the hard-edged ride of the Laura and Jetta, the Fluence feels soft initially and body roll is gentle but not excessive. In fact, the suppleness doesn’t come at the expense of body control and even at high speed on an undulating surface, the Fluence felt incredibly stable, the long wheelbase playing some contributory role. 

Customers will be impressed with its combination of style, practicality and engineering. It does have its shortcomings like a sluggish diesel engine and no manual transmission option for the petrol. In fact, Renault’s strategy of launching the petrol only with a CVT and with the highest trim level is baffling, especially since the demand for automatic petrols in this country is still marginal. But for now, there will be just two versions: the top-end petrol CVT for around Rs 13.7 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) and the base diesel for around Rs 12 lakh.

Overview of Renault Fluence

Renault India has launched the Fluence in Indian market in a price region of 13-14.5 lakh rupees. Fluence is the first vehicle to be launched after Renault and Mahindra has parted ways. Fluence is a very handsome looking sedan with loads of comfort and safety features. It is available in two engine options, one petrol and one diesel. Fluence will compete with the likes of Toyota Corolla Altis, Chevrolet Cruze, Honda Civic, Volkswagen Jetta and Skoda Laura. Renault has started taking the bookingd of the car and the deliveries are likely to commence from 22nd June, 2011.

Fast Facts About Renault Fluence

- Is available in two variants for a start
- Is available in both petrol and diesel
- Deliveries will commence from 22nd June, 2011
- Petrol engine: 135 Bhp power with 190 Nm torque
- Diesel engine: 105 Bhp power with 240 Nm torque
- Petrol variant has more features in comparison to diesel version
- Diesel variant is priced at Rs. 12.99 lakh rupees
- Petrol variant is priced at Rs. 14.50 lakh rupees
- Is fully loaded with host of comfort and safety features
- Both variants features sixteen inch 7 spoke alloy wheels
- Is available in four shades: White, Black, Beige and Blue

Price of Renault Fluence

- Renault Fluence Petrol - 14.50 lakh rupees
- Renault Fluence Diesel - 12.99 lakh rupees

Renault Fluence has been priced very competitively at Rs. 12.99 lakh for the diesel variant and 14.50 lakh rupees for the petrol variant. These are expected ex-showroom prices. At this price point it is for sure that Fluence will sell in good numbers because it a handsome looking feature rich car. The only sore point is that Renault India has lost its reputation after the failure of Logan and it will take time to win back the confidence of Indian customers.

Safety Features of Renault Fluence

- 4 SRS airbags
- ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
- EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution)
- ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
- Rear parking sensors
- Traction control
- Cruise control
- Front ventilated and rear disc brakes

Renault Fluence comes with host of safety features like 4 SRS airbags, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution). Renault Fluence also features fog lamps, automatic headlamps, automatic rain sensing wipers, traction control, cruise control, front ventilated and rear disc brakes and rear parking sensors. 

Engine Options in Renault Fluence

- 1997cc 135 Bhp Petrol
- 1461cc 105 Bhp Diesel

Renault Fluence is available in both diesel and petrol. The four cylinder 1.5 Liter diesel engine is a common rail unit with a variable geometry turbo, 4 valves per cylinder and double overhead camshafts. The petrol variant generates maximum power of 135 Bhp with maximum torque of 190 Nm and the diesel variant generates maximum power of 105 Bhp with maximum torque of 240 Nm. The diesel engine is mated to 6 speed manual gearbox and petrol engine is mated to 6 speed automatic gearbox. Both the engines are expected to be very fuel efficient and reliable. We will update the data and provide you the mileage figures as soon as it will be officially available.

Variants of Renault Fluence

- Renault Fluence petrol
- Renault Fluence diesel

Renault Fluence is available in two variants: one petrol and one diesel. The diesel variant will feature six speed manual transmission and petrol variant will feature six speed automatic transmission. Renault India has launched only one variant per engine for a start and it is expected that more variants will be launched in coming months. The diesel variant will compete with the likes of Chevrolet Cruze, Volkswagen Jetta and Skoda Laura. The petrol variant comes with lots of comfort and safety features, some of which are first in its segment and it will compete with Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla Altis.
Main Features of Renault Fluence
Renault Fluence is fully loaded with following features:
- Four SRS airbags
- ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
- EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution)
- ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
- Dash integrated music system with 4 speakers
- USB/AUX support (Petrol version only)
- All leather interiors (Petrol version only)
- 6 speed automatic transmission (Petrol version only)
- Keyless entry and push button engine start
- Dual zone climate control (Petrol version only)
- Rear AC vents (Petrol version only)
- Steering mounted audio controls
- Rear window blinds (Petrol version only)
- 16 inch 7-spoke alloy wheels
- Cruise control (Petrol version only)
- Parking sensors (Petrol version only)
- Front passenger central arm-rest
- Digital Speedo and trip computer
- Automatic headlamps and wipers (Petrol version only)
- Power windows, power steering and remote central locking

Shades Available in Renault Fluence
Renault Fluence is available in four attractive shades:
- Pearl Black
- Blue Ecume
- Glacier White
- Ash Beige

Press Release: Renault Fluence

The new Renault Fluence wastes no time in taking your breath away. Stylish and fluid contours give it a seamless and uninterrupted flow that's difficult to replicate. A distinctive character line flows towards the rear from the rounded front wings before emphasizing the car's solid rear body. The windscreen wipers are hidden behind the bonnet's upper edge to complement the aesthetics of the car and to improve its aerodynamics. If the exterior is mesmerizing, the interior is inviting. The integrated upper dashboard cowling has a soft-touch finish, yet it is also resistant to everyday weathering. The cabin comforts and interior refinement are meticulously crafted to please the eye and soothe the senses. Go ahead, change the way you look at automobile design.
Renault Fluence puts the accent on driving comfort. Let the air-conditioning automatically maintain the preferred temperature for each zone. Get your hands on the electric power steering that combines precise driver feedback with swift, accurate response to instructions from the wheel. The technology employed and the calibration of the control unit ensure both steering precision and genuine driving enjoyment. Every feature within the Renault Fluence is built and styled to pamper.
The new Renault Fluence is fully equipped with technology focused on user-friendliness. The Smart Access Card makes ignition keys a thing of the past. The Plug & Music option enables drivers to control auxiliary players (such as an iPod®, or compatible devices­ with an USB connection) via the steering wheel-mounted fingertip remote controls. Several other similar practical touches complete this high-tech package, each of which aims to enhance the experience of the car. Finally, technology does what it's supposed to do. Takes driving pleasure to a whole new level.
The new Renault Fluence ensures that each drive is safe. Every feature - right from the seatbelts to the ABS - has been tested in an exacting endurance programme in demanding conditions (extreme heat and cold, poor roads, dust, etc). The company has capitalized on in-depth studies and also used its extensive engineering expertise to develop efficient safety systems relevant to the driving conditions found in India. Be assured of a superlative drive with the knowledge that the car will take care of you and your loved ones.

that's it for now.............Drive safe make sure you wear your seat belts and please do not use high beams........ 


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