2012 Toyota Camry new design soon to come in production

Here is the first leaked image of the upcoming new Toyota Camry, to be officially unveiled later this year.

As is evident from the picture, the 2012 Camry seems to possess heavily redesigned front styling with a more Japanese flavour. The headlights are stretched back to the wheel arches which add a sense of width, and there is a strong kink on the headlight. The grille comprises a single dual chrome horizontal slats with a larger Toyota logo, and some Lexus-like cues are apparent in the styling too. The bumpers get a more aggressive stance with a taller but narrower air dam and a more pronounced chin.

Overall, the profile looks sportier than the outgoing model, and the car will be slightly larger dimensionally.  However, there is no news on the engines, and we expect the current ones tuned for better fuel efficiency.

  that's it for now.............Drive safe make sure you wear your seat belts and please do not use high beams........


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