Cars for physically challanged

Driver aids for the physically-challenged have gotten more accessible. Ferro Equip, the only-ARAI certified car modification workshop that caters to the physically-challenged, can modify any vehicle from a small hatch to a high-end car.
Ferdinand J Rodricks, who runs the Mumbai-based Ferro Equip, has come up with several innovations such as using a bike handlebar attached below the steering wheel of a car to change the workings of the vehicle in such a way that the accelerator, brake and clutch can all be controlled with it. His modifications are the only ones to be approved by ARAI. Rodricks says, “Amputees have the need to travel as much as you and I do.”
All his modifications come with a lifetime warranty, and Rodricks guides customers on how to handle the cars after they have been retro-fitted with the modifications. Ferro Equp’s modifications ensure that a car’s normal settings work alongside the new adaptation, so that it can be driven by a normal person as well.  Rodricks has reconfigured over a thousand cars.  Modifications cost between Rs 17,000 and Rs 35,000. To know more about Ferro Equip, log on to:

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