Mercedes Benz planning GLC and GLK Class to take on BMW’s X1 and X3 in India

Mercedes Benz GLK SUV

The BMW X1 has opened-up an all new segment in the Indian SUV market. The BMW X1 is placed as an entry-level premium SUV. The BMW X1 is priced between Rs 22 lakh to Rs 29 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. Other manufacturers including Audi are now scrambling to launch a product in this segment. Audi has plans of the Q3 which could be launched by 2012.

Mercedes Benz has been fairly quite since the launch of the BMW X1. But now, even Mercedes Benz is planning a SUV in the entry level segment. According to Fanofautos who are quoting Mr. Peter Honegg, MD and CEO Mercedes Benz India saying that the X1 rival from Mercedes Benz will arrive in 2013-14.
 The Mercedes Benz GLC will take on the X1 in India. The GLC will be primarily front-wheel-drive to keep the costs down and will feature an inline 4 cylinder engine mated to a 7 speed automatic. The GLC Crossover will come packed with the latest safety features as well and Mercedes Benz will try to make this the car’s USP.

Secondly, Mercedes Benz is also weighing in on the GLK to take on the BMW X3. As we all know, BMW is the current leader in the premium segment in terms of sales. Mercedes Benz will be keen to get on top once again. At the moment GLK is only available with left-hand-drive hence, Mercedes will have to wait for the new model to arrive before launching it in India.

                             2013 Mercedes Benz GLC CrossOver

The Mercedes Benz GLC Crossover, which will be Mercedes Benz’s answer to the likes of the BMW X1 and the Audi Q3 could arrive in India only by late 2012 or early 2013, after it’s European launch. More importantly, the unveiling of the 2012 A-Class concept at the recently concluded 2011 New York Auto Show has given us plenty of hints as to what the GLC Crossover would feature.
As we already know that Mercedes Benz’s range of cars based on the MFA platform would feature front wheel drive to keep costs low, the GLC will come with a inline four engine which would most probably feature a turbocharger for bumping up power, keeping down emissions and fuel consumption. Also, both manual and 7 speed automatic gearbox variants may be offered on the GLC.
Mercedes Benz wants to make sure that even it’s smallest entry level cars are rated highly on the safety parameters. So, Mercedes Benz’s Pre-Safe technology and Brake Assist could most certainly be a standard piece of kit on the GLC Crossover. Finally, the styling of the GLC is expected to follow a muscular and curvy design all around just like what we saw on the Mercedes-Benz A-class concept.
By the looks of it. Mercedes Benz seems very serious about giving the BMW X1 and the Audi Q3 a real run for their monies. On how successful the front wheel drive Mercedes Benz GLC Crossover scheduled for a 2013 release in India would really be, that only time can tell.

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